• Simon Daley


Updated: Oct 11, 2019


If you’re a keen swimmer and fancy a new challenge open water swimming, especially in the sea, may be the right fit for you.

With the number of outdoor swims on the rise due to the increased popularity in events such as triathlons there is more opportunity than ever to get outdoors and embrace sea and lake swimming.

Open water swimming also appeals to a wide range of ages, especially masters racers who as they get older may not be able to compete on speed alone.

A good level of stamina and overall swim fitness is essential to open water swimming as races are typically 750m plus and you will find yourself often battling against currents, tides and swells which can drain energy quickly.

Pool training, swimming your race distance, and more, can help you build the fitness you will need in a controlled environment.

If you plan to swim in the sea for fun rather than race, it is still a good idea to build swimming strength in a pool first.

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